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Image copyright AFP Image caption Would the French economy have been more competitive if it had kept the franc? But the French government's debt burden is fairly high, close to 100% of annual economic activity or GDP. That's a marked increase since the turn of the century when it was less than 60%. The IMF says that fiscal dynamics could easily derail, if for example economic growth is a lot weaker than expected. What it means by that is that the debt burden could rise quite rapidly if weak economic growth undermines tax revenue. Currency competitiveness Another feature of the French government finances is that the public sector is one of the largest. Public spending last year was 56.5% of GDP, the highest of any of the developed economies. The benefits include high levels of public services, but does also mean French people and businesses pay a lot of tax. One of the defining features of French economic life this century has been the use of the euro as the country's currency.

The returned linens will be renewed or upcycled for other purposes and attain a new life of their own. If not salvageable in their current form, the materials will be organized by type, and processed into a new yarn. Nothing will go to a landfill. We all love the luxury of fresh, new sheets and towels, but we also care deeply about the world we live in, said Coyuchi CEO and President, Eileen Mockus. With this new subscription offering, we can finally achieve a circular economy with linens, which has been the missing link in bringing more sustainability to the subscription economy and to home textiles for consumers. According to Credit Suisse, subscription-based goods and services in the U.S. totaled $420-billion in 2015. Honoring this growing trend in consumer purchasing patterns, particularly among millenials, Coyuchi Board Chair, Kevin Surace added Coyuchi for Life is a seminal example of where innovation, a marketplace demand for transparency and organics, and a big shift towards an I dont need to own it economy are converging. The Coyuchi for Life program promotes todays more conscious consumption, moving away from the old model of own it, use it, and then throw it away. I believe this is the most exciting and potentially disruptive change to occur in retail in 100 years. How the Coyuchi for Life program works: Customers visit and: Select their organic sheets, towels and duvets, ชุดผ้าปูที่นอน 6 ฟุต which come in several colors and sizes. Choose how often they want new ones sent; every 6, 12 or 24 months.

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