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The novelty must, surely, wear off after the first dozen times or so. But here at Sandhurst military academy, as we wait for President Macron and his entourage, it feels as though this UK-French gathering matters more than most. Deals will be struck on border control and military co-operation here, but the importance of this summit exceeds the sum of its parts. Border co-operation at Calais matters to both countries, obviously. So does security. Britain and France are Europe's two foremost military powers, both have suffered appalling terrorist outrages and both share a commitment to fighting Islamist jihadism wherever it is found. It almost seems odd that the heads of the British and French intelligence and security services have not met at the same table before now. The practical co-operation under discussion and being pledged here matters too. Image caption President Macron was greeted by the PM at Sandhurst Forty four million pounds to beef up the Channel border doesn't sound like much as a proportion of public spending, and it isn't. But the fences and CCTV improvements and the online shopping sites list rest will make a difference and demonstrate Britain's commitment to pulling its weight as Mr Macron insists. French demands for wider British support for the regional economy won't be settled here.

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